Deps Korrigan-SR-MR



Furthermore, the particular shape of the blade generates of the oscillations both vertical and horizontal, with vibration very priming, thanks to the movement frantic imparted by the headstock is one shallow runner that develops a perfect escape action and consequently triggers a bait that most that tempting for the bass. It is designed for working on the surface or just below of the water surface. Square back body, composed of horizontal multi-colored lip, smooth back, hips angular, almost cutting edges, fixed center of gravity and center of gravity stable.

In addition to allowing an excellent castability in the presence of stony backdrops or with Full Bodied stones, prevents stack and the contact with the botton, with a high efficiency in the searching for hard bottom in shallow water. Ultimately it is a shallow runner able to offer great performance at a large radius, including wood cover and middle depth range.

Model: Korrigan-SR 35F
Running Depth: 30 cm – 1 m -|- 1 – 3 feet
Body Length: 35 mm -|-  1.2 inches
Weight: 10.6 g -|-  3/8 oz
Type: Silent lure

Model: Korrigan-Mr 53F
Running Depth: 2 m – 2.5 m -|- 7 – 8 feet
Body Length: 53 mm -|- 1.9 inches
Weight: 10.6 g – 3/8 oz.
Type: Rattlin lure