Deps Rad Springer

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To target the large fish, including ihe Big Bus Eater, “Springer rad” has been developed is a big splasher can reproduce a realistic sound Boyle chasing prey to the bait in order to retrieue the corresponding high-speed rough ivater.

Produce a bait fish-shaped front face of an inverted triangle wtth a different scale rad is under the directbn of AQter fk>w through to, run about tryíng to escape wíthout breakíng the posture even ín high-speed actk>n. Brings a sound just like bait fish predation of large cup-shaped pop sound and created a splash wřth a slight indentatton more fraught wfth air, chase the small fish in the dog WQlk Anomabus balancer systém variable PAT.

Distance and overwhelming appeal body approaches to 150mm will gKie birth, as well as to enable the long distance approach to the spot was far away in the big bait can not reach, you will see the reactbn induced severe bytes.

Model: Rad springer
Running Depth: Topwater
Body Length: 149 mm -|-  6 in.
Weight: 35 g  -|-  1-1/4 oz.
Type: Floating