Deps MT Wake

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With a wide lip that does not match the body size, the cover is separated and the snake-less ability of the joint wake bait “MT Wake” is a high response setting that eliminates the neutral period. It will respond to the spot capture at a high level.

In a retrieve that bends the joint body between the surface of the water and just below the surface of the water while creating a wave, a large characteristic blade that synchronises and swings to the action rubs against the body and eyes to generate scratch sound and flushing, and to a bite. Will guide you.

The body that gives off natural water waves with a rounded shape reminiscent of small animals has a wide lip, a horizontal floating posture with a deep draft position, and a high response action that the joint body shows quickly to catch water quickly and short range that keeps shooting well It can be used at a high-dimensional pin spot.

Deps MT Wake Colors


01 MG Bluegill, 02 Horizon Shad, 03 Skeleton pink, 04 Sexy Shad, 05 Jet Black, 06 Mat Chart, 07 Mat Pink, 08 Smoke mustard


Model: MT. Wake
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 95 mm -|- 3-3/4″ in.
Weight: 47 g -|- 1.7 oz.
Hooks: Front #3 and Rear #1.

Deps MT Wake
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