Deps Spiral Minnow

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Spiral minnow is a proprietary minor form that can quickly search directly below the surface from the surface layer, a bus that does not apply to the graphic “noisy = threatening bite” is a wake bait leading to bytes due to food quality. A roll-based action that shows a flank and flank, and a depth and prop that emits a metal sound while raising a splash bring complicated and powerful waves, making it appealing as a flickering reminiscent of a group of baitfish.

Also, by adopting 3 hook system, we have hooking performance to reduce misbite by drastically, securely hit the attacked bus. Spiral Minnow ‘s search performance and certain byte inducement capabilities should quickly break down the distance to the bus, even in the first field, sudden change of circumstances, open the breakthrough and lead the big bus. STRAIGHT RETRIEVE In a slow retrieve, with a tight roll action showing hilari and flanks, invite the bus with a natural appeal like the dying baitfish.

The action becomes wide as the retrieve speed is accelerated, and it traces just under the surface of the water with a wobbling roll with a higher appeal degree. A straight retrieve that disturbs the surface of the water leaving torrentful pulling waves is a weapon that efficiently searches for buses in vast areas and undeveloped fields. SHORT DIVE In sharp and short ripping, prop raised splashes and gazed at the air and dive with the sound “jack”.

Model: Spiral Minnow
Running Depth: 30 cm -|-  1 ft.
Body Length: 11.4 cm -|-  4-1/2″ in.
Weight: 25 g -|-  7/8 oz
Hooks: Owner ST-46 #4