Deps Calling Hustler



The new Deps calling Hustler is a water current wave / flushing sound. Double prop bait “Calling Hustler” which imitates baitfish with these three elements.The body set in the horizontal position completely eliminates the time lag at the time of initial movement, a prop with a good boss that grabs water and starts moving emits propsound and flushing from the initial movement, and also appeals to the bus surely even in short strokes It leads us.The sinking model is a composite water wave wave by double prop, the floating type which becomes a surface model produces a byte opportunity by a splash.

Model: Calling Hustler-F
Running Depth: Topwater
Body Length: 125 mm -|-  5′ inch
Weight: 29.5 g -|- 1 oz

Model: Calling Hustler-S
Running Depth: Variable
Body Length: 125 mm  -|- 5′ inch
Weight: 29.5 g -|- 1 oz