Dorado Alaska



Alaska, is a wobbler produced for the first time a long time ago when I, as a teenage angler, dabbled in wobbler production for me and my friends. In those days, one of my favourite fish was chub. I fished for it passionately in the San and Stobnica Rivers, and, when I had time and money, I was very fond of hunting for chub shoals in the Oder.

The first wobbler, which starts the history of subsequent Alaska, was c.a. 3.5 cm long and painted gold with dark green back. His work function was similar to the present day Alaska, which means that it was strong and directed upstream as well as downstream. Chub hit against it firmly and resolutely. Then, after DORADO had been founded, I knew I had to launch the model into serial production.

At first, Alaska line consisted of five models: 2.5, 3.5, 5, 6 and 8 centimetres. As far as southern Polish rivers (such as the San) are concerned, I preferred to fish with the use of the smallest Alaska, as I caught prayling with it several times, which was extremely satisfying; moreover, it is my favourite wobbler for the Vistula ide fishing. A bigger mod…

Dorado Alaska Color: