Dorado Blik



Blik-a crazy jerk as described by one of my colleagues. Even the slightest movement of the tip makes jerky movements to the left or right. Flickering work makes all predators, especially during active foraging hit it with savage fury.

The best results when fishing on Blik I achieved when using short quick movements of the tip, with strong long strokes the jerk has a tendency to return, which may result in hooking the rear treble hook onto the line, if you do not use rigid titanium leaders.

Small sizes (8,5cm, 20 g), which allows the use of light equipment, we do not need to use the typical rigid rod ; although by using a stiffer rod it is easier to give Blik desirable work. Jerk occurs sinking version and recommend it for fishing fisheries with a depth of 1 to 3 feet The offer will soon include a larger 10 cm model.

Art-lures lures is a proprietary series of wobblers by Dark Malysz, known and respected creators of Dorado wobblers. This is a reference to the youthful passion of the author when constructing this type of bait was, next to fishing, his greatest passion. Now..

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