Dorado Dead Fish



Dead Fish is one wobbler in a thousand. No company in the world offers bait which imitates the movement of hurt, ill and dying fish in such a perfect and accurate way. And we know that dying fish makes easy, and therefore perfect, prey for a predator. Long time ago, at the beginning of my fishing adventure, I liked to spin with the use of dead fish; I thought no artificial bait will never be so effective for predators, especially pike, as the skilfully led dead bleak or gudgeon.

However, in the course of spinning the most difficult was to angle using bait and stop fish falling down the systems. Moreover, when I went fishing I had to take the whole equipment for small fish angling and then lift all the stuff on my back, as I was going by bus. If we add problems with small fish angling, especially late in autumn, I started to think how to imitate the movement of such fish on a system with artificial bait. Since I learnt not once that it is the specific movement in the water and very slow leading that are the secret of success. This is how I decided to construct Dead Fish, bait whic…

Dorado Dead Fish Color:

BM, BP, FT ,GFR, RH, S, SP, B, GH, G, GO, GR, NO, PK, PM, TR