Dorado Blagier



Blagier, it is a response to repeated requests of anglers for a small, but deep diving lure. The lure must quickly reach an appropriate depth on the small but deep trout rivers, where the holes beneath fallen trees, or at sharp curves sometimes reach the depth of more than two meters but they are very short.

It happens that we have a section of just two or three meters for presenting our wobbler to a trout. To meet those needs, I designed a wobbler, which has at 3.5 inch-long body received a 24 millimeter rudder positioned almost parallel to the axis of the lure. Thus after a 3-4 speed crank on the reel it is immersed to a depth of approximately 2-metres (using fishing line of 0.18 mm), which allows you to quickly and easily reach the bait to the potential positions of trout.

In addition to a deep draft, another distinguishing characteristic of Blagier is its relatively wide, strongly flattened body. This design gives a distinct lure rocking work. According to me, fish like such glimmering wobblers.

Given that I most fish in San, it is clear that I had to try a new lure in fishing for my favourite “San” fish – barbel. The first day of fishing has shown that it can be better bait than the proven and seemingly irreplaceable Inwader. Smaller size of the wobbler make taking more certain, there is hardly characteristic of the barbel “pluck” bait.

Increased mass of the lure in relation to Invader (Blagier in a floating version weighs 3.5 grams, Invader 4 cm weighs 2.2 g) allows for longer throws which on such a wide river as San is sometimes decisive, but it is not everything, after removing the front anchor and I do so almost always when I fish barbel, we get the bait almost without hooks.

Long, horizontally positioned rubber perfectly reflects the lure from stones and from any other obstacles, it is the more easier the bait is set in the water at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, so the small anchor located on the tail is somehow protected by the rudder and wobbler’s body.

In July, while I was at Soliński Lagoon, perch were well taking on the bouncer, so I am convinced that this lure will have a much wider application .. all depends on the ingenuity of fishermen.

Dorado Blagier color: