Dorado Tender



The idea of this wobbler construction was forced by life itself. During my first stay in Sweden, we were fishing for pike paddling in the inshore Baltic sea water, we caught all fish with the use of flat-diving wobblers, in particular in the reliable blue colour. Then my only wobbler useful in that place was Classic, however even this quite flat-working wobbler dived too deeply, which made it still catch the underwater plants. Moreover, its work seemed to be too intensive, not characteristic of the fast but tiny movements of herring, which swam in whole shoals into the bay which was our fishing ground.

It is not hard to guess that herring was the basic prey to the predators living there. Having come home, I started to prepare a wobbler which would not dive deeper than 1 m, even in the course of fast leading, at the same time retaining the tiny work which was the movement imitating the movement of bleak or herring. That is how Tender was created.

The first tests in Polish fishing grounds seemed to be very promising; in May the smallest model (7 cm) was perfectly taken by the Vistula asp, and the larger ones ( 9; 11 cm ) by pike in Lake Solina backwater area. At the end of May I went to Sweden again; Tender underwent a baptism of fire in the bay well-known to me since the last year – during a few hours of spinning with the use of the blue (B), 9 cm wobbler, I caught 26 pikeperch specimens, in which many whose weight extended 5 kg. My fellow-anglers and I tested other wobblers, as well, however nothing compared to TENDER. The wobbler was simply a great success!

At present, it is my absolute favourite in several situations:
firstly, the 7 cm Tender is a real asp killer; in 2000 one issue of Rybołow Sportsmen Russian magazine considered the wobbler the best asp wobbler in Europe! The article was translated into German and it was published in Blinker magazine. This confirms the killing influence of this wobbler on asp; Darek Dusza, my friend caught a more than 5 kg asp with the use of Tender 7 in mackerel (BM) colour, it was in July in the Warta River near Świerkocin, and the water was shallow and clear, which is no mean feat, as we know!

Another situation in which I choose Tender is evening and night pikeperch fishing in rivers, especially in June, when predators appear in shallow sand-bank channels to pray for bleak. Then I put the 9 cm Tender in my favourite (B) colour, which, led slowly across the sand-bank channel edge, or even on the shallows upstream of the fault, made me catch a lot of great fish.

I often use this wobbler in flat lakes or dammed reservoirs, such as in Nielisz reservoir near Szczebrzeszyn or in Siemianówka Lake, where, similarly to the Swedish Baltic Sea, it catches pikeperch. The purpose of the largest Tender 11 cm is identical, however, I often use this wobbler to hunt for huchen, especially in the particularly shallow San and in trolling, in May, when I fish for pike in warm, shallow bays of lakes and dammed reservoirs.

Dorado Tender color: