Dorado Invader



Invader is my absolute leader. The model takes the greatest amount of space in all my boxes, those with small wobblers for such fish as trout, as well as those with bait for more impressive predators. I almost always start fishing with Inavader, regardless of whether it is in rivers, lakes or dammed reservoirs. You just have to select an appropriate wobbler size and, sometimes, colour which must be adjusted to the fishing ground.

Whereby this is rather what I believe in than some fish requirements, but each angler realises how important it is to believe in bait, in which in its colour. Fishing for trout in San, Danube or other submontane rivers and streams, I usually use a 4-centimetre item in the colour of loach (NB), gudgeon (GO) or common minnow (MN), usually in such order. Fanned across the river or kept in a channel behind a stone, it helped me catch numerous river fish.

It is a pity that the San trout is not very big; to hunt for it I go to the Roztoka or Pomeranian rivers. There, in deep pits under trees fallen down to the water or in “hollows” on bends, the four is, in my opinion, too small and it will not dive deep enough. In such type of fishing grounds my no. 1 is the 5 cm Invader, usually the sinking one. As I absolutely do not prefer leading a wobbler downstream, I think not many wobblers, except Invader, are suitable for such angling.

In the Roztocze, as well as in the Pomerania, I usually use colours of loach (MN) and ruch tyrant (RT) fry imitation extremely easy to catch. However, Pomeranian rivers are not only trout, but also sea trout and salmon, and in case of these fish, my unquestionable leader is 7 cm Invader in an unpopular but very fish-friendly JST colour. Two years ago I used this wobbler to catch sets of sea trout for three following days. Friends I fished with then were not idle, either; each of them caught some sea trout with the use of 7 cm Invader in JST colour.

Use this model during your next trip to the Parsęta or Słupia Rivers. One day I caught 7 big sea trout specimens in the Swedish Dalalven River. This must be crucial. Apart form catching sea trout, 7 cm Invader is also a reliable weapon against pike and pikeperch; especially the latter ones cannot resist the temptation of biting the wobbler. The effects were perfect not only in the course of trolling in dammed reservoirs, but also in hunting for “side” pikeperch in large rivers.

Marek Szymański, my friend and a great and well-known angler also claims that the blue (B) Invader serves as perfect weapon against river pikeperch. We may become convinced about that while watching photos showing his beautiful specimen in Wędkarski Świat website. In case of pike, I recommend not only the seven, but also nine and larger sizes of this wobbler which should absolutely be tested in particular by trolling lovers. Their effectiveness is best confirmed by notifications of medal specimens from the Masurian lakes published in fishing press.

The foregoing description shows that Invader is a wobbler which I am personally, and maybe even excessively, fond of, but today I do not imagine my fishing without this bait. If any universal bait (I hate this term) exists, Invader certainly deserves such name. I hope and am deeply convinced that each angler who uses this wobbler once will remain faithful to it forever, and IT will pay him with the most wonderful experiences, which big fish haul is for each of us – angling lovers.

Dorado Invader color: