Dorado Scout



When I was young and my spinning adventure started, just after the period of pikeperch fascination, I developed a passion for salmonids which has not left me until present. As I lived in the Roztocze, at first my main destination was trout living in those rivers. Then, like each trout angler, I guess, I felt a desire to catch brown trout.

It was not an easy task for an angler from the south of Poland, but I succeeded. I caught my first sea trout in 1988, which is almost 18 years ago (how time flies!), and I have experienced many wonderful moments and disappointments. However, the time was certainly not wasted. Each day by the water brings new experience, and such experience is simply priceless for someone who produces bait.

Talking to local anglers, observing their fishing techniques, equipment and, in particular, bait allowed for polishing my own patterns which enable me to catch such great fish as sea trout, and not only in Polish rivers. My favourite wobblers for Pomeranian rivers are Invaders I have written about numerously, as well as SCOUT, a less popular, however not less…

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