Dorado Tempter



Tempter – a wobbler designed primarily for pike fishing in their typical lakes and rivers places. But the first tests on one of our reservoirs already showed that it is equally attacked by zander, especially while trolling. Larger 14-cm model descents up to 3-meters diving and while trolling for approx. 3.5 meters. Its action is perfectly felt on the rod, and its “mirroring” action makes you feel any contact of the wobbler with the bottom or underwater vegetation.

When it comes to colors I have tried to make Tempter as well as other wobblers from Art-Lures series similar to natural food of predators, roach, crucian carp, perch. I would recommend this model primarily to pike and zander anglers, a smaller 10-cm lure will surely be attacked by perch. Art-lures lures is a proprietary series of wobblers by

Dark Malysz, known and respected creators of Dorado wobblers. This is a reference to the youthful passion of the author when constructing this type of bait was, next to fishing, his greatest passion. Nowadays, both of these passions are just as strong, so each lure is well th…

Dorado Tempter Color: