Gloog Nike



Nike series wobblers are characterised by lengthened shape and almost vertically mounted mouth dish, which makes them having a slight tail action and a faint side deviation with light swaying and twinkling. Nike 60 Wobblers, because of their look and action, perfectly imitate little Bleaks.

They are highly effective in catching predator fish in shoals or at their borders. Also in shallow, overgrown lake bays and ox-bow lakes. The best effects are attained by leading the rod slowly and steadily with frequent breaks in rotation of the fishing line. Exceptionally, while catching Asps and Perches which feed near the surface we should increase speed of leading the lure.

Using the Paternoster method they are very efficient in a strong current and in lakes or water reservoirs. Using a fast-sinking model, we should increase the speed of leading the lure. We can also cast it to greater distances e.g. while catching Asps. In lakes (also marginal lakes) we fish predators which are swimming directly beneath shoals of smalls. It is recommended to use the wobbler in this way.

Nike 80 floating wobbler is highly effective in catching river Zanders, Asps and Esoxes feeding in shallows, rocky reefs and shallow weirs, day and night. It’s perfect for late spring fishing at the lake, especially for catching Esoxes hiding in still undeveloped underwater flora. It is also effective near reed fields and on shallow lake beds to 3 meters deep. Also using the paternoster method in water over 3 meters deep it is very efficient.

Sinking version is one of the best lures for Asps as they are less active and their surface feeding is invisible for the fisherman. When fishing in deep weirs we may expect to catch a small Chub and Ide or Zander and Esox.

Nike 100, similarly to Nike 80, are highly effective in catching lake Esoxes. The best time for fishing is early morning and late evening when predator fish are most active. They hunt shoals of Bleaks and Roaches in higher layers of water. In rivers, except fishing in rocky river bends and leaps, they are highly effective in slow gulf streams.

It is one of the most efficient lures for night fishing on huge rivers such as the Odra River, the Vistula River, the Warta River, the Bug River or the Narew. We should choose shallow passages of the river where usually little fish amass. It is almost certain that huge Zanders, Asps and Catfish will appear in such places at night.

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