Halco Poltergeist



This smaller Poltergeist 50 travels with a tight shuffling action and can be cast or trolled. It crash dives to 3 metres and like its larger counterpart, protects its hooks from snags due to the shape of the body. The lure will take a dead slow to medium retrieve or trolling from 0.5 – 3 knots.

The Poltergeist 50 Crazy Deep version is a remarkably stable lure achieving trolling depths in excess of 8 metres when using 2kg braided line. It won the award for the Best New Hard Body Lure at the 2005 Australian Tackle Show. This lure also comes in a standard depth of 3m.


Model: Poltergeist-POL 50
Running Depth: Type STD 3 m – 10 ft. Type XDD 8 m – 26 ft.
Body Length: 5 cm -|- 2” in.
Weight: 7 g -|- 1/4 oz.
Hooks: #6 Mustad Black Nickel Trebles

Poltergeist-POL 80

The ultimate crash diver is the Poltergeist 80. This means that the moment you start retrieving the lure it dives almost straight down. This makes it ideal for casting to structures where there is limited room and you require the lure to get as deep as possible and as quickly as possible. When casting, the Poltergeist 80 allows the maximum time at deep depth. When trolling the lure dives deep quickly and travels along at around 5 metres with a shuffling action.

The Poltergeist 80 is ideal where the lure is being dragged over a rockbar or shallow area (say 4 metres deep). It will travel over the bottom, hitting it regularly, but when it reaches the other side of the feature (where the water gets deep again) it immediately tries to crash dive down the other side. This is often where large predatory fish are waiting and this lure dives straight to them. This makes crash divers ideal when trolling from a shallower area over a deep drop off.


Model: Poltergeist-POL 80
Running Depth: 5 m -|- 16 ft.
Body Length: 8 cm -|-  3.1 in.
Weight: 17 g -|- 5/8 oz.
Hooks: #2 Mustad 5XX Trebles

Poltergeist-POL 110

The all new Poltergeist 110 is a beefed up version on steroids. The bulky dimensions of the lure provide a much bigger profile that is likely to appeal to a wide variety of aggressive species such as Barramundi and Murray Cod. At 110 mm long, weighing a hefty 28g and diving to a depth of four meters, this lure is not designed for the faint of heart. The best crash diver range of cast and retrieve lures available. Sporting a unique shuffling action, the Poltergeist is ideal for both fresh and saltwater. Featuring a light rattle and clear bib with Halco’s Bulletproof Bib securing system for added strength when clearing snags.


Model: Poltergeist-POL110
Running Depth: 4 m -|- 13 ft.
Body Length: 11 cm -|- 4-3/8″ in.
Weight: 28 g -|- 1 oz.
Hooks: #1/0 Trebles