Lucky Craft Fat Smasher



The Fat Smasher is a versatile crankbait/swimbait hybrid. The Fat Smasher can be fished similar to a shallow water crankbait by holding your rod tip low to the water. This will give it the side to side wobble action of a crankbait from a bait with a swimbait profile.

Retrieve the Fat Smasher fast with your rod tip held high and it will create a smooth waking action on or near the surface that will lure bass from nearby structure. Use either retrieve and the Fat Smasher will produce violent strikes from bass on any body of water.

Color Lucky Craft Fat Smasher:

052-ABK-Aurora Black
148-GBBG-Ghost Baby BG
172-SXCRSD-Sexy Chartreuse Shad
183-PTHFSD-Pearl Threadfin Shad
238-GMN Ghost Minnow
240-SF Sun Fish
250-CRSD-Chartreuse Shad
254-MSMJHRG MS MJ Herrin
268-PAY-Pearl Ayu
270-MSAS-MS American Shad
280-AGPC-Aurora Green Perch
895-GBLGL-Ghost Blue Gil