Lucky Craft Bevy Pencil

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One advantage of pencil baits is that they can be cast far despite being floating-type lures. These baits have their center of gravity positioned toward the rear and have no lips or other parts that create air resistance, which results in a long flying distance.

This feature is the greatest weapon when you use a baby size lure. Another advantage is that you can search a constant range at 0 cm from the water’s surface in a very stable manner, where the lure can be seen by many fish, while creating an appeal of ebbing waves.

In the condition where you must attract “fish eaters on a steep slope,” or in an upward inclined area at the bottom of the water, fish eaters are able to see a wide range above them. Accordingly, pencil baits that produce simple actions are ideal in this situation.


Model: Bevy Pencil-60 BCRT-BPCL
Running Depth: Surface – floating
Length: 60 mm -|- 2-1/4″ in.
Weight: 3.7 g -|- 1/8 oz.
Treble hooks: VMC #10 and #10

Colors Bevy Pencil 60:

052-ABK-Aurora Black
077-OTSD-Original Tennessee Shad
098-NCCR-Mat Chart
130-PVRN-Pearl Vairon
131-GVRN-Ghost Vairon
134-PGJN-Pearl Goujon
183-PTHFSD-Pearl Threadfin Shad
184-Sexy Chartreuse Perch
185-LHT-Light Hitch
192-MSJPSD-MS Japan Shad
193-KTBS-Keta Bass
194-JPNCTG-Japan Matt Tiger
195-YMSLV-Yamame Silver
196-YMCGO-Yamame Champagne Gold
197-YMCP-Yamame Copper
198-YMCHBK-Yamame Chart Back
199-YMGH-Yamame Ghost
200-YMORGO-Yamame Orange Gold
201-GLRB-Glow Rainbow
202-CLBIW-Clear Blue Iwana
203-RBR-Red Brown
219-PFAY-Pearl Flake White
220-IMYL Impact Yellow
238-GMN-Ghost Minnow
239-GOSN-Golden Shiner
245-NCTG-Mat Tiger
250-CRSD-Chartreuse Shad
254-MSMJHRG-MS MJ Herring
255-MSGWK-MS Ghost Herring
256-AGO-Aurora Gold
257-APB-Aurora Pro Blue
261-TRS-Table Rock Shad
268-PAY-Pearl Ayu
270-MSAS-MS American Shad
276-LRBT-Laser Rainbow Trout
285-NCSH-NC Shell White
291-AGWK-Aurora Ghost Wakasagi
803-BRT-Brown Trout
806-TGPC-Tiger Perch
814-BRKT-Brook Trout-Kawa Masu
816-NCBR-NC Bora
817-GRBT-Ghost Rainbow Trout
828-MAY-Metallic Ayu
829-MAYMS Ghost Ayu
830-GOAY-Ghost Ayu
834-BFSLV-Bait Fish Silver
837-PCHSD-Pearl Char Shad-Pearl Iwana
842-ESRB-Engaged Super Rainbow-Konin Niji Masu
857-ASDR-Aurora Zander
858-GSDR-Ghosst Zander
860-YPRRYPRR-Yellow Pink Red Rainbow
875-Gold Spark-SHINGO Color
876-Edo Yamabuki-SHINGO Color
877-Pharaoh Mekki Blue-SHINGO Color
878-Lemon Lime Chart-SHINGO Color
879-Fantasy Moss-SHINGO Color
881-GNPK-Ghost Northern Pike
884-AGNPC-Aurora Gold Northern Perch
895-GBLGL-Ghost Bluegill

Lucky Craft Bevy Pencil
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