Lucky Craft Sammy Wood



Wood Sammy is a result of seven years’ research aimed at embodying unique sliding actions and reeling ease with a wood bait while making the best use of the winning features of the original Sammy series. Just as you would choose Live Sammy for micro-fishing, Original Sammy for macro-fishing and Real Sammy for dynamic fishing, you should choose this Wood Sammy as an ultimate bait in a traditional fishing environment.

The smooth wobbling action of a wood bait and the way it shakes subtly as the body slides to the right and left are seamlessly integrated with the powerful actions of a pointer lure. Try them all, and see for yourself the differences among the live pointer, slender pointer, original pointer and this wood pointer.

Lucky Craft Sammy Wood Colors:

0330-OAYU-Ochi Ayu
0335-ALWKSG-Aluminum Wakasagi
0337-ALOAY-Aluminum Ochi Ayu
0640-ORPC-Orange Peacock
0670-CBAL-Aluminum Chart Back
110-Bone Shad
419-BPGSN-BP Golden Shiner