Megabass I-Jack

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From the storied lineage of the IT-JACK comes a new, multi-dimensional wake bait by Yuki Ito: i-JACK. Developed by legendary lure designer, Yuki Ito. The Megabass I Jack delivers massive waking attraction that is built to capture the attention of big, baitfish-hungry bass.

Fitted with a diamond-shaped stingray bill, the Megabass I Jack moves plenty of water with its flat-sided body as it rocks back-and-forth just below the surface. Powered by a STING RAY BILL, RUDDER ACTION BALANCE SYSTEM (RAB) PAT.P, and specially-tuned knocking sound system, I-JACK performs an incredible rolling action as it pushes water with its large, flatside design, attracting target fish from great distance.

RAB (PAT.) system not only generates seductive knocking sound as I-JACK moves through the water, but also allows for crisper action and precise angler input. I-JACK is a creation of the ITO ENGINEERING design group, which carries forward a proud tradition that includes the Vision Oneten, PopMax, and I-Slide.

Backed by two super-sharp trebles, the Megabass I Jack carries forward Megabass’ proud tradition of professionally engineered design and unbeatable quality.


Model: I-Jack
Running Depth: 0.2 – 0.5 m -|- 1′ – 2′ ft.
Length: 10.7 cm -|- 4-1/4″ in.
Weight: 28 g -|- 1 oz.
Treble hooks: #10

r.a.b(rudder action balancer system pat.)


I Jack Colors:


Megabass I-Jack

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Megabass I-Jack
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