Megabass Vibration X Ultra

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The vibration-x ultra is unmatched in its class, with a realistic bluegill/shad profile that will visually trigger devastating reaction strikes. however, the real key to the ultra lies in its revolutionary design: instead of relying on the shape of the head to produce the desired action (which requires a lot of water resistance to kick-start), the vibration-x ultra utilizes internal balancers that activate action instantly.

This system focuses on the tension between balance/imbalance as the driving force behind the tight action necessary to create vibration, resulting in a lure that never fails to deliver. This design allows the vibration-x ultra to be fished at any speed while producing a tight vibration that will generate strikes from both aggressive and non-aggressive targets.

Delivering a strong rattle, the Vibration-X Ultra is ideal for fishing year-round – regardless of water temperature or clarity – around all types of shoreline compositions, points, and grass beds. Try throwing the Vibration-X Ultra over grass-beds that have been beaten up by spinnerbaits. With a fast retrieve, the Vibration-X Ultra will vibrate along the top of the bed and move with much more realism than a spinnerbait. Available in a range of proven Megabass colors, the Megabss Vibration-X Ultra delivers cutting-edge Japanese precision – in a class of its own.


Model: Vibration X Ultra-Silent model
Running Depth: Variable
Length: 76 mm -|- 3″ in.
Weight: 17.5 g -|- 5/8 oz.
Treble hooks: #4 and #6

Model: Vibration X Ultra-Rattle model
Running Depth: Variable
Length: 76 mm -|- 3″ in.
Weight: 19.5 g -|- 11/16 oz
Treble hooks: #4 and #6

Vibration X Ultra Colors:

Bahama Bone
E2 Craw
Gg Megabass Kinkuro
Gp Crack Lime Chart
Ht Kanehira
Mat Tiger
Mb Phantom
Secret Gill
Stealth Craw
Stealth Wakasagi
Strike Chart
Wagin Honmoroko
Wakin Funa


Megabass Vibration X Ultra

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Megabass Vibration X Ultra
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