Megabass Megadog

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A special weapon for monster bass, the Megabass Megadog is a magnum size pencil topwater bait that triggers heart stopping blow-ups from the biggest and most aggressive bass. Built with a fully wired-through frame for enhanced durability, the Megabass Megadog is molded with a wide flat bottom and a tapered tail, which allows it to easily slide back and forth across the surface when twitched with its head pointed slightly upwards to cut through any chop. Featuring a patented double inertial balancer system as well, the Megabass Megadog not only generates a loud knocking sound but also remains perfectly balanced for a superior walking action under any condition.

Additionally, the Megadogs’s pulling resistance is extremely light to reduce muscle strain on the angler and make walking even easier. Armed with heavy duty components all around, the Megabass Megadog is equipped extra-strong razor sharp treble hooks that are attached by double stainless steel split ring and swiveling hook hangers to ensure maximum hook-up and landing ratios. Finished with lifelike details and custom paint jobs that Megabass is known for, the Megabass Megadog is a must-have for big bait aficionados.


Model: Megadog
Running depth: Topwater
Length: 220 mm -|- 9″ in.
Weight: 130 g -|- 4-1/2 oz.
Treble hooks: #2/0 x 3pcs

Colors Megadog:



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Megabass Megadog
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