Megabass Vibration X Nano

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Megabass Ultra-thin, high-density body packaging of only 38mm created by the latest hydrodynamics. Vibration X Nano is a tiny vibrator that can be thrown with bait finesse tackle, including a spinning tackle.

It induces a reaction bite even in a situation where fish are finicky and shut down. The stimulating micro-waves emitted by the miniature body will surely open the mouth of the slow fish even in situations where the reaction to the soft bait is stagnant, including the capture of the visible bass.

Model: Vibration X Nano
Running Depth: Variable
Length: 38 mm -|- 1-1/2″ in.
Weight: 3.5 g -|- 1/8 oz.
Treble hooks: #12 x 2pcs

Vibration X Nano Colors:


Megabass Vibration X Nano

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Megabass Vibration X Nano
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