Megabass X-52 Acrobat

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The X-48 Acrobat packs a bold punch much larger than its small frame would suggest. Designed to lure big fish with its finesse approach, the Acrobat springs into action with a twitch of the rod, delivering big action to trigger reaction bites. Built for situations when visible fish don’t commit, the Acrobat gives off a hi-pitch wobble and roll with straight retrieve, triggering bites from stubborn fish with well-timed rod action.

Active moving balancer system drives unparalleled casting distance for its size, and guides life-like swimming action. The new generation of finesse minnow has arrived, and it packs a punch.  Other models from the Megabass brand.


Model: X-52 Acrobat-Floating
Running Depth: 0.2 – 0.5 m -|- 1′ – 2′ ft.
Length: 52 mm -|- 2″ in.
Weight: 3.2 g -|- 1/8 oz.
Treble hooks: #10 x 2pcs

Model: X-52 Acrobat-Sinking
Running Depth: 0.5 – 2.0 m -|- 2′ – 6′ ft.
Length: 52 mm -|- 2″ in.
Weight: 3.8 g -|- 1/8 oz.
Treble hooks: #10 x 2pcs

X-48 Acrobat Colors:

Trout lure Megabass X-52 Acrobat

Wagin Oikawa
Wagin Setsuki Ayu
Wagin Moroko
Wagin Honryu Amago
GG Bass
GG Megabass Kinkuro
M Impact Wakasagi
GLX Kogill
Baby Kingyo
Mat Tiger

Megabass X-52 Acrobat
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