OSP Daibuzzn’ Heavy Hitter

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The O.S.P Daibuzz’n Heavy Hitter is a top water wake bait. This special edition is part of O.S.P’s secondary works line of lures. These are specially tuned and use acoustically superior ABS plastic which transmits noise for a further distance. The two large tungsten balls that the lure gets its name from bang against the body to transmit deep sound and vibrations, calling fish from further away than a traditional lure.

Absolutely deadly on native cod species the Daibuzz’n heavy hitter is something every avid cod fisherman should have in their tackle box Daibuzzn’ Heavy Hitter was developed focusing exclusive appeal to big bass under certain condition. Normally big bass reacts the lure swimming surface with big sound.

Needless to say, the quality of sound is important, because big sound sometimes causes opposite effect. After we studied quality of sound and volume, we reached O.S.P original blend resin and Mix which has rolling sound and wall knocking sound of big tungsten weight. When both sound occur simultaneously, special echo effect sound is created.

This very double heavy hit and strong wake succeeded in wide appeal effect by pretending big bait. And even in the narrow spot that has limited productive zone,”double heavy hit” performs getting quick reaction bite by making bass notice the lure instantly. Daibuzz’n Heavy Hitter attracts big bass widely and makes them bite in shallow game of from summer to fall and it also works in the river fishing which requires appeal in flow, needless to say, such condition as in muddy water, low-light, rain.


Model: Daibuzzn’ Heavy Hitter
Running Depth: Topwater-Wake bait
Length: 64 mm -|- 2-1/2″ in.
Weight: Weight: 17 g -|- 9/16 oz.
Released: May 2008

All colors Daibuzzn’ Heavy Hitter:

Ghost Minnow G01
Real Bitterling RPO02
Crystal Gold H04
Black P05
Chartreuse Blue Back P07
Crystal Blue Shiner H09
Mat Tiger M14
Ginrin H23
Vanilla Chartreuse P39
Real Blue Gill RPO45


OSP Daibuzzn’ Heavy Hitter

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OSP Daibuzzn’ Heavy Hitter
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