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Tiny Blitz

Tiny Blitz is developed aiming at the performance to catch more bass under the condition which varies year by year. The necessity for Crankbait is high under tough condition like weekend high pressure lake, bank fishing where you have to fish after other anglers, or when you have to fish around structure of clear lake.

But talented crankbait has tremendous power to create bite of big bass which does not respond to slow fishing.
Tiny blitz is easy to handle both with spinning tackle and bait casting tackle. It swims around 0.3 – 1.0 meter depth where former O.S.P crankbait did not.

Tiny Blitz is designed more conscious of middle range retrieve than just swimming by hitting structure or bottom It creates bite regardless of swim speed because it has strong flashing by tall semi-flat body.

Ultralight honey comb super HP body and super thin HP slash bill which have been adopted since 2003 devote improvement of every kind of performance like action or snagless ability. Tiny Blitz is the crankbait to fish this moment corresponding to ultimate high pressure.

Model: Tiny Blitz-Floating
Running Depth: 0.3 – 0.9 m -|- 1 – 3 ft.
Length: 46 mm -|- 1-7/8″ in.
Weight: 6.5 g -|- 1/4 oz.
Hooks: #8
Released: April 2014

Tiny Blitz MR

Tiny blitz MR has fixed center of gravity, but realized long castability with stable flying attitude. The flashing by semi-flat body is like tight and natural feeling of shad, keeps tempting fish without patter even when you retrieve very fast.

And when you retrieve slowly, it appeals with fascinating wobble and roll action. It has good snagless ability, so it never misses the orbit even when it hit structure. Thin and hard HP slash bill is so sensitive that it transmits much information like bottom material.

The reason we set the specific gravity as slow floating is to let them bite by appealing long time to inactive bass under low water temperature.
Tiny blitz MR will innovate angler’s strategy because it creates quick fishing by making the most of its ability.

Normally, shallow and middle range crankbaits are used from stain to muddy water, but Tiny blitz MR is available in any kind of field from clear water to muddy water. To get bite under all circumstances, non-rattle and lively tight action like shad is effective.

Moreover, it should be used easily by both spinning and baitcasting tackle in each situation. Actually, there have been only a few such crankbait that we can use without any frustration with both spinning and baitcasting tackle.

Namely, you feel too much lure action by spinning tackle, on the contrary you don’t feel any action by baitcasting tackle. And you can not cast long by baitcasting tackle. Here we have reached the requested performance available in any field with any tackle.

Model: Tiny Blitz MR-Slow Floating
Running Depth: 0.9 – 1.5 m -|- 4 – 5 ft.
Length: 44 mm -|- 1-4/5in.
Weight: 6.3 g -|- 3/16 oz.
Hooks: #8
Released: July 2011

all models osp tiny blitz

Tiny Blitz DR

Extremely lifelike from end-to-end, the OSP Tiny Blitz DR is equipped with 3D eyes, 3D gill plates, and textured scales that make it come to life in the water as well. Armed with a set of premium treble hooks for a superior hook-up ratio, the OSP Tiny Blitz DR delivers performance that outshines the competition in tough conditions.

Perfect for those times when the fish are pressured or the water is super clear and you need to downsize your presentation, the OSP Tiny Blitz DR offers a bite-sized solution that is absolutely deadly on finicky bass.

Made to run in the 10-12 foot depth range, the OSP Tiny Blitz DR produces a very tight, lively wobbling action and is absent a rattle for a more natural and subtle presentation. It rounded lip design also makes it very versatile and gives it the ability to travel through almost any type of cover or structure with ease.

By adopting low center of gravity stationary weight and super light Honey Comb Super HP Body (PAT.), it performs sharp high pitch action with tight wobble and roll. And it starts to swim quickly after it reaches the water and when it touches the structure and bottom it also starts to swim quickly.

When you retrieve it slowly, it keeps tight action. So it keeps tempting bass and get more bite. Compared to the normal shad, “TINY BLITZ DR” has wide and semi-flat body of vertical flat shape, and the tip-wide shape contributes to the improvement of snagless performance. Floating speed is not too fast for tough condition.

And hook size is sifted to #6 for big bass but it keeps floating without hook tangling. “TINY BLITZ DR” is a new standard of small crankbait to realize high dimension cranking.

Model: Tiny Blitz DR-Floating
Running Depth: 2.7 – 3.6 m -|- 10 – 12 ft.
Length: 45 mm -|- 1-3/4″ in.
Weight: 6.7 g -|- 1/4 oz.
Hooks: #6
Released: April

Tiny Blitz all colors:

Ghost Minnow G01
Crystal Gold H04
Chartreuse/Blue Back P07
Red Craw Z08
Blueback Herring OL21
Crystal Blue Shiner H09
Mat Tiger M14
Ginrin H23
Tasty Shad P23
Honey Blue M62
Pearl/Chart Back P64


OSP Tiny Blitz

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