Rapala Countdown Elite-CDE



LATEST RAPALA RELEASE 2020! Countdown Elite. The name says it all! You won’t be disappointed when you get your hands on these new lures. Available in a range of colours, the Elite is built for maximum casting distance and accuracy. The colour patterns combine metallic plating and HD printing, bringing the look to a totally new level. Perfect for a variety of species including trout, salmon, pike, perch, etc.

New model Rapala Countdown Elite Colors


Model: Countdown Elite-CDE5
Running Depth: 0.5-0.9 m -|- 2-3 ft.
Length: 55 mm -|- 2-1/4″ in.
Weight: 5 g -|- 3/16 oz.
Hooks: Two VMC #12 – 7554 Black Nickel Hooks

Model: Countdown Elite-CDE7
Running Depth: 0.8-1.2 m -|- 3-4 ft.
Length: 7.5 cm -|- 2-3/4″ in.
Weight: 10 g -|- 3/8 oz.
Hooks: Two VMC #10 – 7554 Black Nickel Hooks

Countdown Elite Colors:

Gildet Ayu-GDAY
Gildet Brown Trout-GDBT
Gildet Gold Orange-GDGO
Gildet Gold Shad-GDGS
Gildet Ivana-GDIW
Gildet Minnow-GDMN
Gildet Oikawa-GDOK
Gildet Red Belly-GDRB
Gildet Rainbow Trout-GDRT
Gildet Ginglo-GDSS
Gildet Varion-GDVR
Gildet Smelt-GDWK
Gildet GDYM-Yamame

New color:

Gilded Chartreuse Yamame-GDCY
Gilded Fire Tiger-GDFT
Gilded Gold Ayu-GDGA
Gilded Gold Red-GDGR
Gilded Hot Tiger-GDHT
Gilded Inakko-GDIN
Gilded Maiwashi-GDMI
Gilded Parrot-GDPRT
Gilded Pink Yamame-GDPY
Gilded Pearl Orange-GDCG
Gilded Clown-GDCL
Gilded Chartreuse-GDCO
Gilded Red Head-GDRH


Rapala Countdown Elite-CDE

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