Rapala DT Flat Sure Set-Dives To

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Lean and mean, the new DT Flat Series embraces the family motto: “Dive to a specific depth and stay there, as long as you can.” This first flat-sided balsa crankbait from Rapala, the DT Flat Series lures offer a tighter, brighter shimmering action than the original DTs.

The highly visible profile is the perfect way to pull bass off ambush points and from deep points. An enhanced coffin lip deflects better off underwater obstacles in a darting, escape-style blast.

To enhance the flat sides, new patterns had to be developed, providing the maximum amount of contrast. Metallic paint scales add a cadence flash as the lure tightly wobbles on return.

Rapala Dt Flat Sure Set


Balsa Wood Construction
Flat-Sided Body
Hard Vibration Action
Coffin Style Lip Design
Baritone Internal Rattle Chamber
VMC SureSet Tail Hook
VMC Black Nickel Belly Hook
Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested


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Rapala DT Flat Sure Set-Dives To
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