River 2 Sea Cicada Popper



The River 2 sea Cicada pop fishing lure has to be the most realistic cicada lookalike fishing lure that has entered the fishing market. The River 2 sea cicada pop fishing lure is so realistic looking that the fish probably wouldn’t recognise the difference between this lure and an actual real cicada.

The River 2 sea cicada pop fishing lure is 55 mm in length making this an ideal fishing lure for targeting fish species such as Bass, Cod, Sooty Grunter, Saratoga and any other similar fish species that would strike at distressed bugs on the water surface.

To fish the River 2 Sea cicada pop fishing lure, simply cast this lure out and let it settle for a short period then with slight movement of your Fishing Rod twitch the lure without moving it too far out of the strike zone and then after a short period perform a steady retrieve with constant pauses here and there during the retrieve.

River two sea cicada pop fishing lures swim and gurgle along the water surface imitating a fallen or wounded cicada or bug. The realistic look of this lure and the realistic action it produces means that this fishing lure is a must for your fishing lure box.

Features and Specifications:

Available sizes: 5.5 cm -|- 2-1/8″ in
6 Deadly effective colours
Realistic Looking and realistic action
Quality chemically sharpened treble hooks and quality split rings

River 2 Sea Cicada Popper Color: