River 2 Sea Twin Vibe



Twin Vibe is one of the most realistically shaped vibrating baits on the market today. The realistic features and loud tungsten rattles make Twin Vibe an excellent choice for covering water in a hurry. Twin Vibe gets its name from its double line ties. These line ties change the center of gravity allowing the angler to use the front position for a shallow retrieve and the rear position for a deeper one. Twin Vibe generates strong vibrations immediately after you start retrieving or vertical lifting this lure. So it vibrates while it is still in the striking zone of the zander or any other predator.

River 2 Sea Twin Vibe colors lure:

G10-Red Tiger Craw
G11-Ghost Minnow
G12-Chartreuse Shad
G13-Pearl White
HA01-Gold Fish
HA03-Bloody Mary
HB01-Laser Perch
HB06-Laser Sardine
HB12-Laser Stock Trout
HC02-Aurora Black
HC10-Rose Minnow
S13-Delta Red