Salmo Slick Stick



A new take on an aggressive classic The Slick Stick is a proven European classic lure that now has a facelift from Salmo artisans. There are days when fish simply need a little more action underwater to entice them to strike. In these situations pressure waves from the Salmo

Slick Stick provoke the necessary attention and literally shake the predators out of their lazy state. Every Salmo Slick Stick is hand crafted and painted in Poland, then tank tested and hand tuned to ensure they swim perfectly, right out of the box. The Salmo Slick Stick 6cm – a beautifully crafted, slim profile floating bait, perfect for perch and trout.


The perfect lure for targeting smaller predators such as Trout and Perch
Can be straight retrieved or twitched back to the bank
Profile mimics small bait fish found in all types of venue
Built in long cast system
Cast/Trolling Depth 0.5m/1m

Salmo Slick Stick colors lure:

RBL-Real Bleak
YPE-Young Perch
RHS-Real Holographic Shad
HGB-Holographic Brownie
GRT-Green Tiger
HSK-Holographic Stickleback