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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Salmo brand, a limited series of legendary Salmo Roach lures was re-produced. This is a 9.0 cm lure body shape reminiscent of Salmo Perch, its profile is slightly narrower and lower. The model was made in a floating F (Floating) version and a deeply diving DR (Deep Runner) version.

Fishermen will find the greatest effectiveness with floaters in flooded floodplains where the depth is within 1 meter. On the contrary, it is better to use a deeply diving DR version, that is an ideal for trolling on the rivers as well.

The Salmo Roach was made in six colors, allowing to choose the most suitable color depending on the characteristics of the water site and the individual preferences of the fishermen. When slow trolling it is swaying sluggishly, which causes the predator to be directly murderous. Due to the limited edition, this model is already hard to get.


BRGD-Bloody Real Grey Dace

WBRD-Wounded Blue Dace

WGRD-Wounded Green Dace

RG-Real Gobio Gudgeon

RBL-Real Bleak

GS-GS-Grey Silver


GT-Green Tiger