Salmo Sting



Sting is a classic twitchbait with a delicate and fine action. In 6, 9 and 12 cm sizes and floating (F) and suspending (SP) versions. Its slender body imitates many of the species of prey fish that predators in both lakes and rivers survive. Colours are either very imitative, or classic fantasy.

This makes choosing the right one for your fishing situation easy. Built in rattle adds to the lure’s attraction. It’s also worth mentioning the toughness and durability of this lure – the steel frame recently tested to over 40 kilos breaking strength of for a 9cm model!


In the Salmo offer since – 2001
Available sizes: 6, 9 and 12 cm
Available versions: Floating (F) and Suspendimg (SP)
13 Deadly effective colours
Internal rattle system
Super Tough Ultra Sonic Welded Plastic Construction
Polycarbonate lip
Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
Premium Black Nickel VMC Hooks


RBL-Real Bleak
GCS-Gold Chartreuse Shad
SCS-Silver Chartreuse Shad
HBL-Holo Bleak

BMB-Black Metallic Bleak
GS-Grey Silver
GT-Green Tiger

LPD-Luminescent Pink Dace
CMD-Clown Mettalic Dace
HP-Hot Perch
SMB-Silver Metallic Bleak