Salmo Turbo Jack

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There are several topwater prop baits on the market today, but nothing can hold a candle to the Turbo Jack and now the Turbo Jack Jr. The sleek design make the Turbos easy to cast and retrieve all day long.

The slim body profile will result in more hook-ups and the hard slapping tail blade lets fish know there is a new lure in town. No wood here, so the super tough high density foam lasts for years and the finish on a Salmo lure is designed to withstand the punishment of biggest teeth you can find.

The Salmo turbo Jack is a perfect example of how a superior design with superior materials can make a superior fishing lure.


GT-Green Tiger

HPE-Hot Pike

SNO-Starry Night Orange

RPE-Real Pike

CK-Carbon Killer

LFT-Luminescent Fire Tiger

Salmo Turbo Jack
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