Bagley Balsa Minnow



New for 2016, Bagley Bait Company introduces the Balsa Minnow to its line of balsa wood and hard plastic fishing lures. Made using the Bagley exclusive HCM process (Heat Compression Molding) the Balsa Minnow is sure to become the next go to bait for walleye fisherman.

This is a precision balanced balsa wood lure with internal weighting that allows the Balsa Minnow to run with a pronounced biaxial vibration and tremendous tail shake that is easily felt through the rod and into your hands. A full wire through design also increases its durability for those big hits that are sure to come.

Available in three model sizes (07, 08 & 10), that allows you to cover the water from 5 feet deep to over 20 deep. Fish on.

Model: Balsa Minnow 07
Running Depth: 1.5 m – 2.4 m -|- 5 – 8 ft.
Body Length: 7 cm -|- 2-3/4″ in.
Weight: 6 g -|-  3/16 oz.

There is nothing small about this little guy’s action. The shallowest of the Balsa Minnow line. Run this bait 5-8 feet down using light tackle and line to get optimum wiggle and draw in predators for the kill.

Model: Balsa Minnow 08
Running Depth: 2.7 m – 4.2 m -|- 9 – 14 ft.
Body Length: 9 cm -|- 3-1/2″ in.
Weight: 10 g -|- 3/8 oz.

Running deeper at 9-14 feet, this model is meant for use with medium light tackle and line. Slowly work this fella’ down, pause, rip, and twitch. Repeat. Watch as eager hunters snatch up this delicious snack. Also ideal for trolling use.

Model: Balsa Minnow 10
Running Depth: 4.5 m – 6 m -|- 15 – 20 ft.
Body Length: 95 mm -|- 3-3/4″ in.
Weight: 18 g -|-  5/8 oz.

The largest of the Balsa Minnow series, the BM10 is perfect for dragging down 15-20 feet to catch the monsters hiding in the deep. Use 12-17 pound test on medium heavy tackle. Perfect for hot days when big fish are looking for deeper, cooler water to hang in.