Bagley Bang O B-DB



Big, powerful, deep-running and deadly, classic for heavy predators and epic strikes. Super tough ABS resin body, and an extra-strong polycarbonate swimming lip for bouncing off of structure and rocks; heavy-duty hooks and split rings are battle-ready for muskie, pike, striped bass or grouper.

Casted or trolled, the action varies depending on retrieval or trolling speeds. For decades, these baits have attracted magnum-caliber strikes. Bang O B Troll this classic muskie killer at any speed from 2 to 8 miles per hour for powerful, lifelike action at 20 feet. The faster the troll, the faster the wobble, making a big predator strike before the prey escapes. Try random turns to increase attraction. troll over drop-offs or cast along deep shorelines.

Model Bang O B DBO6
Running Depth: 4.5 m – 6 m -|- 15 – 20 ft.
Body Length: 13 cm -|- 5 1/4″ in.
Weight: 43 g -|- 1-1/2 oz.

Model Bang O B DBO8
Running Depth: 6 m – 9 m -|- 20 – 30 ft.
Body Length: 18 cm -|- 7″ in.
Weight: 70 g -|- 2-1/4 oz.


Baby Bass (BB)
Bluegill (BGL)
Gold Perch (GP)
Hot Tiger (HT)
Little Musky On Orange (LMO)
Little Musky On Yellow (LMY)
Parrot (PRT)
Tennessee Shad (TSD)
Yellow Dots (YD)