Cultiva Mira Shad



Cultiva Mira Shad

The Owner Cultiva Mira Shad is compact, but effective, with lifelike features that are extremely deadly for trout, bass, walleye, and more. Each lure is equipped with two #10 Owner Stinger-36 Super Needle Point treble hooks, realistic eyes, chattering rattles, and a transparent reflective finish. The Owner Cultiva Mira Shad offers anglers versatility with its capabilities. It dives when trolled or retrieved, or you can stop the retrieve and twitch or jerk the bait as it suspends.

Cultiva Mira Shad Color:

01-Golden Shad
02-Black Pearl
11-Brown Trout
13-Baby Bass
24-Lime Chart
47-Ghost Shiner
49-Nite Fire
71-Pink Passion