Cultiva Savoy Minnow



Cultiva Savoy Minnow was designed to withstand the attacks of any predator. Strong treble hooks ST-41TN # 2 and solid construction ensure that you can rely on this bait in the most extreme situations.

Savoy Minnow is a floating bait. It drops a maximum of 1 foot, making it ideal for shallow water. But it can also be used for trolling, where the greatest success comes at a speed of 5-6 knots. There are 12 colors to choose from, with 30,49,68,69 being best on cloudy days and low light.

Specifications Cultiva Savoy Minnow

Cultiva Savoy Minnow Colors:

Shiner 06
CHartreuse Back 12
Blue Back 15
Red Head 18
Green Back 22
Flame 30
Natural Cheart 34
Pearl White 36
Muddy Olive 49
Ghost 67
Black Shiner 68
Black Raibow 69

Cultiva Savoy Minnow Colors