Deps Buzzjet



The Deps Buzzjet 96 has been Japan’s # 1 wakebait year after year. This is one of, if not the most versatile baits on the market today. The Buzzjet is a collaboration of technique specific hard baits all wrapped up into one. The Buzzjet walks-the-dog while the loud rattle system lure fish in for a closer look. The rear of the bait holds a finely tuned stainless steel prop which gives the Buzzjet extra flash while turning up the water and leaving a bubble trail to entice strikes. The unique design of the bill enables the bait to be waked on the surface or swam sub-surface allowing the angler to adjust accordingly. Rip-it, wake-it, jerk-it, dead stick-it, slow roll-it, burn-it, the possibilities are endless with the Deps Buzzjet! Add the Buzzjet to the collection today and experience the world of deps.

Model: Buzzjet
Running Depth: Topwater -|- Subsurface
Body Length: 96 mm -|- 4″ inches
Weight: 30 g -|- 1-1/18 oz
Type: Floating

Model: Buzzjet JR ( Junior ) – Bone
Running Depth: Topwater -|- Subsurface
Body Length: 72 mm -|- 3″ inches
Weight: 14 g -|- 1/2 oz
Type : Floating