Deps Highsider



Hi Flashing Appeal – The Highsider is weighted so that it can be fished with a fast retrieve to get that reaction bite.
All 4 pieces of the body flow in a rhythmic pattern, one following the other.As the bait builds speed, it flashes from side to side in an irregular motion.

4 Piece Jointed Body – Each joint is joined together by extra strong hardware. They produce a clacking sound as they bang together.

Original Feather Hook – The rear hook features a colored dear skin hook adding an extra fish catching appeal.
Deadsticking Appeal – The bait will sit with its head and tail buried in the water while its back sticks out. With a jerk of the rod, it flares on its side.Length 5.5 inches; Weight 1.6oz

Model: High Sider
Running Depth: 0-50 cm  -|- 1-2 ft.
Body Length: 17 cm -|- 6 3/4″ in.
Weight: 70 g -|- 2-1/4 oz.
Type: Floating lure

Model: High Sider Jr.
Running Depth: 0-50 cm  -|- 1-2 ft.
Body Length: 14.5 mm -|- 5-3/4 in.
Weight: 45 g -|- 1-5/8 oz.
Type: Floating lure