Deps Radscale



At 4-1/2 inches long, weighing 3/4 oz, the Deps Radscale is a Japanese original, distance-casting topwater lure. It has a more sinuous, snake-like or S-shaped surface dog walk than most others. The Radscale sits tail down in the water with its broad flat face poised right on the water line. This makes it splash and spit like a popper. Or, you can simply use it like a popper, not walking it at all, just popping it like a popper. It’s two lures in one. You can walk it. Or you can pop it. Or you can combine walking and popping.

Model: Deps Radscale
Running Depth: Topwater
Body Length: 111 mm -|-  4-1/2 inches
Weight: 18 g -|-  3/4 oz