Deps Evoke Shad



Evoke is a crankbait Heavy Cover that is born by the need for granted, as well as unachievable, use of Definitive instrument which increases the effectiveness of the fishing. Deps has changed the original concept of crankbait achieving an evolution Hybrid and versatile and has given life to a bait that exceeds imagination. The aggressive design of Evoke, especially in the rounded shape of the body which helps to win the strength of the air, is designed to keep a stable set-up in flight and in water.

Indeed, the lure will resume its shape even after contact with the obstacle and will allow us to explore with the utmost accuracy the different layers of water, medium and high depth, meeting the more different varieties of recovery. Finally the approach in tight high pitch action to those channels that normally hindering a fruitful cast will no longer be a mirage. Will aim to those bass that do not want it leave spot zeppi Black of obstacles, bushes or dense vegetation. All those spot, namely, that were so far only ground unopposed of jig and lure baited to Texas. From now on also evoke will provide a chance to the category of crankbait’s cover.

Model: Evoke Shad
Running Depth: 0.9 – 1.2 m -|- 3 – 4 feet
Body Length: 5.5 cm -|- 2-1/8″ inches
Weight: 7.8 g -|- 1/4 oz
Type: Slow floating lure

Model: Evoke Shad-MR
Running Depth: 2.0 – 2.4 m  -|- 7 – 8 feet
Body Length: 5.5 cm -|- 2-1/8″ inches
Weight: 7.7 g -|- 2/7 oz
Type: Slow floating lure