Deps Ms-Vibration



Was asked to vibration plug “MS vibration” that good at search capability, high standard spec.
All day long winding beat pull comfort, Long Cast & castability, attention and a low center of gravity has been the weight layout to the body form that will to facilitate the range keep, and by the same spec of Rattle silent tungsten model, a feeling of use is intact us to allow the sound Rothe, will attract efficiently the bus from the vast field.

body form

body design that has been overtaken commitment low center of gravity settings are, show a high-pitched, high-response action corresponding from the slow suppress the lift to first retrieve, us to also possible to defeat winding one day also be suppressed pull resistance in the first retrieve you.
In addition, the low center of gravity of the body will be able to capture the bus lurking in the bottom in a stable in the fall attitude us to reduce the line entanglement were, stress-free lift and fall.

Same weight balance setting has been Rattle model (RT), tungsten model (TG), silent model (S). By the weight setting the balance due of Rattle weight difference does not change, it can sound Rothe at the same comfortable to use. Hook RYUGI earrings treble (front # 5 / rear # 6) also bytes of a long cast to us to hooking surely, adopt a high-through performance RYUGI Pierce treble hook.

Model: Ms-Vibration
Running Depth: Variable
Body Length: 71 mm -|- 2-3/4” in
Weight: 22 g -|- 3/4 oz
Type: Rattle (RT) – Tungsten (TG) – Silent (S)