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The version Slide Swimmer has had numerous results thanks to its silhouette, for its action, as well as for its ripple, due to the particular structure, a rigid body, internally enveloped by a soft plastic. By inheriting this ability in the capture and move the big black bass, Deps, created the version 115, by analyzing the average size of the fish forage.

So the Slide Swimmer 115 brings into play its ability to attract the big fish selectively. The swim this fantastic hard bait is extremely realistic, such bait has the power of attract preys suspicious, whatever the situation. With a long launching, you can probe the presence of bass, using the Slide Swimmer 115 as a search bait. The Slide Swimmer 115 proves a large effectiveness as bait to be launched to the black bass that follow the big baits but tend not to attack them, with this swimbait the “music” will change.

Instead of insisting with the big bait, it is convenient to try to wait a few moments and launch the Slide Swimmer 115, in this way, you will be able to get great results also toward the bass who do not respond to frames lightest. Also to be noted that in the average recovery slow, will make him look like Slide Swimmer 115 winds its way to a depth of about 1 m, imitating a fish weak that seeks food so helpless. Depending on the angulation with the tip of the your rod, or according to the speed of recovery, the Slide Swimmer 115 will change the breadth of his swimming.

For example, in the entrance of a inlet or in the river fishing, it is very effective in current, with this technique we will leave the slide 115 Swimmer to swim, controlling the tension of the thread, in this case, the body, and the undulation soft deriving, by receiving the thrust of the water, will make him look like a dying fish that floats pushed by the current. It should be noted, finally, that to this technological hard bait, you can set the desired weight, based on the sinking wished as shown in the two photos attached

Model: Slide Swimmer 115
Running Depth: Variable
Body Length: 115 mm -|- 4.5 in.
Weight: 21.3 g -|- 3/4 oz.
Type: Slow Sinking

Retooled by the designer of the slide swimmer, Kazumasa Okumura, and renowned trophy hunter, Butch Brown, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 delivers all of the big bass attraction as the original – now with slight modifications aimed at enhanced performance. Of these changes, the most notable is the clear ABS injected core, which works to improve durability and overall function.

Internally, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 features a spring weight at the front of the body that emits a faint knocking acoustic with faster retrieves and provides a subtle vibration on the pause. Along the outside, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 is covered with a super-soft, removable silicon skin that allows access to the weighting system, so anglers can adjust the rate-of-fall depending on conditions.

Implementation of durable figure eight rings at the line-tie and the joint give the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 a reinforced construction that stands up to abuse dolled out by large, record-setting bass. Offered in a range proven colors, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 is the next chapter in the legend of the Slide Swimmer.

Model: Slide Swimmer 175
Running Depth: Variable
Body Length: 175 mm -|- 7-1/2″ in.
Type: Slow Sinking SS-Knouck Sound lure, Weight: 79 g -|- 2.8 oz.
Type: Floating lure Silent Weight: 76 g -|- 2.6 oz.

A magnum-sized swimbait designed for attracting huge fish, the Deps Slide Swimmer 250 is completely silent as it swims. Even the hinges of the jointed-body are precision engineered not to make a sound. Its body is constructed from a hard polyurethane foam material covered by a soft plastic materia, which makes it feel more realistic to fish when they bite down. This lipless swimbait also features extremely realistic detailing, including accurate coloring, 3D eyes, as well as, life-like scale patterns and gills. Deps is known throughout Japan as one of the premiere lure manufacturers, and the Deps Slide Swimmer 250 has all of the features you need to catch that bass of a lifetime.

Model: Slide Swimmer 250
Running Depth: Variable
Body Length: 250 mm -|- 10 in.
Weight: 198.5 -|- 6.5 oz.
Type: Slow Sinking


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