Dorado Jumper



Jumper – another model from our still growing family of Dorado jerkbaits. It”s uniqueness comes from the fact that it is our first lure designed with a particular angler in mind. It all started when one of my friends, a great angler whose favourite technique is jerking, told me that he didn”t really like our flag model – the Dorado DRUNK – because it required low speed retrieving and short jerks, and he prefered fast fishing with quicker, longer and more aggressive movements.

Evantually, I had to admit that his technique could be very effective against more lively pikes, so I created a prototype of a new jerkbait. During the first test the lure immediately proved to be incredibly effective, increasing the number of our catches two to three times. We were really impressed and decided to stop using the lure because it was too valuable to be lost. Later I reproduced the lure carefully and now it is available for you as Dorado JUMPER – at the moment in 12cm size, but we are already working on smaller models. How to fish with this jerkbait? It was designed to be moved much faster…

Dorado Jumper Color: