Megabass I-Slide 187R SW

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i-SLIDE 187 R SW is a special plug for targeting lunker sea bass that prey on large baitfish such as konoshiro, mullet, and sweetfish. Its presence and extremely natural S-shaped slalom action are extremely effective in situations where regular sized plugs do not get the job done. This is a monster hunting model that triggers big bites. Other models from the Megabass brand.

Floating Model:

The floating model is ideally suited for the shallow range in situations where baits are moving up to the surface or feeding on large baits in shallow water. Depending on user-directed weight tuning, the lure can be used for all approaches, including retrieve and twitch as well as drift and dead-sticking to synchronize with the current. A highly customizable approach for the avid big bait tuner.

Sinking Model:

The regular sinking setting allows anglers to adjust to deeper target ranges and maintain stable action in estuary currents and complex ocean tides. The sinking model can be accurately traced under schools of bait in the bite zone of fish-eaters.


Model: I-Slide 187R SW
Type: Floating and Sinking
Length: 187 mm -|- 7-3/4″ in
Weight: Floating model: 64 g -|- 2-1/4 oz
Weight: Sinking model: 70 g -|- 2-3/8 oz
Treble hooks: #1 x 2pcs

I-Slide 187R Sw colors:

megabass i slide 187r sw colors

Fa Bora Indicator
Fa Konoshiro Indicator
Gg Kin Bora Indicator
Wakin Ochi Ayu
Clear Lime Rainbow
Pm Chart Back
Pm Sensing Red Head

Megabass I-Slide 187R SW
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