Megabass X-80Sw Lbo Shallow

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We have equipped the classic, high performance X-80SW with the new LBO II (PAT.P) moving balancer system. This new technology features internal ball bearings positioned in an infinite loop arrangement, allowing the balancer to move linearly inside the body. By incorporating this system into the X-80SW’s compact body, the center of gravity moves to the tail section during casting, generating flight distance and accuracy that far surpass that of the past X-80SW.

The internal super-low resistance weight rests on ball bearings, and after retrieval begins, it is immediately secured in the forward section with a neodymium magnet lock, creating overwhelming initial swimming performance. Please experience this fusion of proven swimming pedigree and performance innovation for yourself. Other models from the Megabass brand.


Model: X-80SW Lbo Shallow – Sinking
Running Depth: Variable
Length: 82 mm -|- 3-1/8″ in.
Weight: 12 g -|- 3/8 oz.
Hooks: #6 x 2pcs

Megabass X-80SW Lbo Shallow Colors:

megabass x-80sw lbo shallow colors


Gg Iwashi
Gg Bora
Gg Pink Candy
Gg Lens Champagne Bait
Gg Golden Lime Ob
Gg Kinaka
Gg Golpin Ob
M Stardust Bait
Gp Dabuchar
Ss Ghost Lemon
Mat Llme
Do Chart Ob

Megabass X-80Sw Lbo Shallow
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