OSP I-Waver SW

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The i-Waver 74 SW-F by O.S.P. is the sea fishing version of one of the most peculiar artificials in the world of spinning! A jointed fish with an incredibly natural movement! The prey that are strongly attracted by the i-Waver SW are the most apathetic bass.

Note also the finishes, really meticulous as the care of the colors, we can say, given the results obtained, that it is certainly a great minnow lure. Once cast, its floating action develops on the surface and just below it, with an extremely real and stable movement.

We recommend a medium and constant recovery, in this way the I-Waver will be even more effective and will give you the opportunity to catch more prey.


Model: I-Waver SW – floating
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 7.4 cm -|- 2-3/4″ in.
Weight: 4.3 g -|- 5/32 oz.
Treble hooks: ST41 #10

I-Waver SW Colors:

OSP I-Waver SW all colors

Ice Shad H09
Bachi Pink Site C19
Gold Green Red Berry H31
Sardine Redberry DN PH58
Chart Back Shiner P64
Oily Red LH82
Clear Purple Cotton Candy Site SP C85
Cotton Candy Site SP HS85
Konoshiro DN TS86
Icle Double Pink PL86

OSP I-Waver SW
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