OSP I-Waver

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The I-Waver was developed in 2012 seeking for the bait that enables everyone to catch fish with I-shape action. The difference of The I-Waver is the joint structure to prevent from moving and the special fiber hair that shimmers like small bait and the stable sideways floating posture created by the setting the specific gravity of the body like no other.

Thus The I-Waver was born equipping unprecedented various new elements. It can be seen by not only anglers but bass. I-Waver 60F has high specific gravity at front body and low specific gravity at rear body making the most of joint structure.

So it can absorb the wave and wind at the joint and produces natural I-shaped action. The characteristic special fiber hair is extremely soft, and when it touches the water, it adheres to the body and contributes to reduction of air resistance.

You can cast it long in spite of 2.5g lightweight body. As for how to fish, it is effective not only I-shaped action, staying on the surface of the water, but also twitching with rod tip putting into the water after you see bass’s chase is also effective The I-Waver 60 has been born with new functions in a small body.

The I-Waver 60SSS equips 1 hook (#10)at the front body whereas The I-Waver 74 equips 2 hooks (#10). At early days of development, experiments were repeated placing 2 hooks and 1 hook at the various places.

We tested a lot of factors like castablity and snaglees ability and retrieve ability. And the conclusion we reached was 1 hook at the front body. By installing # 10 size hook, hooking up aggressive bass became possible. One more advantage of 1 hook is the improvement of biting and catching rate because 1 hook gives bass less suspicion.

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OSP I-Waver

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OSP I-Waver
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