Rapala MaxRap Long Range Minnow_MXLM



Designed for fishing that requires ultimate casting distances in the most demanding conditions. The patented Max Cast weight transfer mechanism and aerodynamic shape of the lure guarantee that it will cast farther than any lure in its category. Ideal for fast and aggressive presentations, but also performs perfectly with slow retrieve


Aerodynamic Shape for Optimal Casting Performance
Balanced with Tungsten Balls for Accuracy
Aerodynamic Body Shape
Internal Patented Max Cast Mechanism
Internal Holographic Foil and Natural Scale Pattern for Strong Flash
Designed for Aggressive and Fast Fishing
Strong Rolling Action
Low Resistance on the Retrieve
Responsive to Twitching
Slow Sinking on the Pause

Model MXLM12
Running Depth 1.2 m
Length and weight 12 cm 20 g
Weight Hooks Two No. 6