Rapala 100th Anniversary Limited Edition



To fish the waters near his home in Finland where long casts are a necessity, Lauri Rapala weighted his now legendary lure for longer casts, slightly deeper running depths and a more neutrally buoyant action. This added a secret little twist to the famous fish-catching wobble.

To honor the 100th Anniversary of their father’s birth, his three sons have created these Limited Edition lures each featuring the family’s secret adjustments and made with the star foil used on the Original Rapalas back in the early 1960s. Available in his sons’s favourite colors, each bears that son’s signature. Fitted with Gold Plated Trebles, and presented in special Collector’s packaging.


Model LR-100
Running Depth: 0.6 – 1.5m -|- 3ft – 5ft
Body Length: 8 cm -|- 3.14” in.
Weight: 7 g  -|- 1/4 oz.
Treble Hooks: two, # 6

Color Rapala 100th Anniversary Limited Edition:

ARR-Silver Grey
EIR-Silver Olive
PER-Gold Brown Orange Belly
PER-Gold Brown Orange Belly